The Great Wave


First Wave

Q4 2021

☑️ Refine Tokenomics
☑️ Launch Docs/Livepaper
☑️ Launch LP
☑️ Build MVP Site
☑️ Build WAV App
☑️ Finalize TGW Logo
☑️ Test AMA

Q1 2022

☑️ Emissions Begin
☑️ Coordinate Marketing Team
☑️ Onboarding First Wave of Artists, Producers, Engineers
☑️ Onboarding Industry Advisors
☑️ Draft MOU for Commissioning First Wave of Artists
🕒 DAO and Artists to Vote and Begin Work
🕒 Refine Governance NFT Mechanics
🕒 Key Visual Update for Site
🕒 Press Release Announcement for Music & Blockchain Media
🕒 Prepare Assets for Q2 Launch
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