Many promises are made regarding ownership of NFT and crypto through minting and sales.

How can we be sure that these are honored and fulfilled?

Will the centralized metadata be wiped along with its perks and content?

True Ownership

Own music rights through participating in the DAO through our governance token.

The format of the DAO is open and accountable, sharing value with its participants, paving the way for a more egalitarian model for artists and musicians and art lovers alike.

Having TGW (staked WAV) gives you a way to have a say, a vote to back up your voice on the direction of the DAO.

DAO token does not rely on any centralized mechanism / metadata.


Our governance NFT mechanism simplifies the process as well where the governance NFT value is back by TGW on-chain…an NFT that actually meets the criteria of decentralised ownership.

TGW NFTs will be able to have TGW staked inside each NFT, which can be unstaked by burning the NFT, setting a base value for each NFT. TGW staked in users’ NFTs boost their Farm returns by up to 2.5 times.

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