The Great Wave

Artist Collective DAO

We are building a new plaform for artists, fans, developers and investors that focuses on sustainability, providing and promoting quality work, community, and collaboration.

As the world sits on the cusp of a new technological renaissance and creator/investor economy known as Web3, we want to help position artists ride the great wave over this rising tide.

The Great Wave Flow Cycle

As an ecosystem, The Great Wave aims to set a new precedent based on the following approach:

  • DeFi and DAO model allows fans and investors to fund and directly support artists and get return on their investment

  • Artists to be paid through commission of their work for the DAO, and can choose to reinvest in the WAV ecosystem

  • Developers, designers and project team help to create and gamify assets for artists, creating more revenue streams while tapping into new audiences and communities

  • Grow and nurture The Great Wave as a community where artists can network and collaborate with each other, while positioning ourselves as a brand to partner with various projects and marketplaces

  • Revenue generated to be reinvested in treasury and shared with artists and DAO token holders

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