Why a DAO?

Investing in The Great Wave is to back and be part of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is artist-driven and led in a new creator/investor economy.

Creating a DAO allows us to be nimble and adapt accordingly to the times (insert “be like water” Bruce Lee quote), while the appeal of a collective allows us to build strength in numbers and have more influence over the various industries we are in.

The format of the DAO is inherently open, inclusive, and accountable, sharing value with the participants who create it.

While the beginning phases of any organisation has to be founder-led and driven, we must encourage and elevate contributors’ creativity and contribution in order to progressively move towards decentralisation and allow for more projects to be developed and approved autonomously.

We believe that this is key to building a flatter, egalitarian model that will help support artists in this industry.

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