Trading/Listing, Supply Cap

1. Where is WAV traded?

The Great Wave (WAV) is currently listed on:

2. What is the maximum supply cap?

  • The maximum supply cap for WAV is 1,979,869.

How do I stake my WAV and participate in the DAO?

1. How to form WVP LP

2. Can I form WVP LP from WAV?

  • Yes. You may use WAV to form WVP without the other tokens. This method is easier but sub-optimal, means you may get less WVP by doing so.

3. Why would anyone want to buy WVP?

  • You will need WVP to stake in order to get the governance token.

4. How to vault WVP as a governance token

  • Guide available soon

5. It's too complicated! Is there an easier way?

  • We will be launching the Governance NFT, where TGW governance token will be imbued within, allowing one to own the NFT to be part of the DAO.

Governance and Voting

1. Is there a treasury?

  • Yes. A treasury was formed to fund anything that adds value to the protocol, taking up to 10% of WAV emissions.

2. What is the main goal of the treasury?

  • Beyond commissioning works for the Collective, the treasury funds will be used to add value/improve the project (marketing/pr/administration/management/audits/etc)

3. Who controls the treasury?

  • The treasury is controlled via governance, and needs to be signed off by the Core DAO.

4. Who can vote?

  • WAV held in the TGW Governance Vault will form governance tokens. Voting weight is measured in TGW.

5. Why TGW and not WAV as the governance token

  • TGW being the vaulted WAV LP, commits long term holder to be able to vote on proposal/issues, while benefiting from the protocol's earning. Given the longer term staking nature of TGW, it helps prevent short term vote manipulations as well.

6. Which governance platform is used for voting?

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